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The Susquehanna Valley Chapter works in conjunction with the American Payroll Association to provide outstanding networking, education opportunities and professional development resources through chapter meetings, study groups, statewide/regional conferences and community outreach.

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The Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the American Payroll Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Mailing Address:

Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the American Payroll Association

PO Box 7478 

York, PA  17404

Benefits of Membership

Let us take a moment to explain some of the benefits of joining our organization!

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Further Your Profession and Career

Payroll Professional Status

One of the greatest benefits of membership is that you have decided to stand up and be counted. When you join the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the APA your voice and professional status are raised in unison. You will become an important link in a powerful professional chain. The synergy created through membership and your company's realization of your professional standing profit you and your organization. 

You can make a difference when you join the Susquehanna Valley Chapter.

Networking and Career Building

Attendance at our chapter meetings will provide you with many opportunities to meet other payroll professionals in our area and to discuss a broad range of issues that may be impacting your company. 

You will have access to our Membership area where you can post questions or participate in discussions on recent Payroll (or anything else that impacts your job) topics.  Subscribing to this area will send you email alerts to other postings or comments.

Job Postings 

If you are looking for a New Hire or a New Job - as a Member, you will have access to our Membership area where you can post a Job or post a Resume.  

Subscribing to this area will send you email alerts to other postings or comments.

We Will Keep You Informed!

The Chapter recognizes the need for Recertification Credit Hours (RCHs) to maintain professional payroll credentials (CPPs and FPCs).  Whenever Free, discounted or reduced cost Webinars or Seminars are provided that provide these Credits, or information vital and timely to the Payroll Professional, a "Blast Email" is sent to the General Membership.

Our Members will receive "Blast Emails" with late breaking news and timely information about items that will affect you and your job as a Payroll Professional. 

Urgent news items will also be posted on our website.


We publish a newsletter that will be sent to you as a member of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the APA. This newsletter is published by our organization and will feature upcoming events, critical legislative changes, fast facts about payroll topics and other items of interest.

Further Your Professional Education and Credentials

Annual Study Group Credentialing 
Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) 
Fundamentals of Payroll (FPC) 

Each year, typically from June to August, the Susquehanna Valley Chapter will sponsor a Study Group to assist Chapter Members, as well as Non-Members (local payroll professionals) in preparing for testing for their CPP or FPC credentials.  The courses (including a Review Course) are taught by Members with the CPP credentials and are provided at a very low cost.  The Payroll Source is used as a Study Guide.

Annual National American Payroll Association “Preparing For Year End” Seminar 

This Seminar is provided each year, typically in November or December, and is conveniently located in the Susquehanna Valley Area to eliminate the need for payroll professionals in the area to travel to the Philadelphia or Baltimore area.  

 This is one of the many ways we provide top-notch payroll education resources to our membership more conveniently and at a more significant cost savings.

Meetings / Seminars

We offer a broad range of speakers that include subject areas such as Multi-State issues, Unemployment Compensation, Paycards, Identity Theft, Stress Management, Employee Retention, Local Tax Issues, etc... 

The Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the APA also co-sponsors the Annual PA Statewide Conference.  This conference normally takes place in September or October and alternates between Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and the Philadelphia area.

Corporate Partnerships

The Susquehanna Valley Chapter of the APA is grateful to the continued relationship with rapid! PayCard, a long-time sponsor of the Chapter; always generous with their monetary support, educational materials, and willingness to freely travel to our Chapter Meetings and Events to provide our Attendees with updates on the numerous and complicated PayCard State-by-State regulatory requirements and updates.   

Their Subject Matter Expects keep us current with all of the regulatory requirements, trends, products, and options, that are available, and necessary, in the PayCard world.

One of the MANY TOOLS they have made available is a Compliance Map.

Click on "State compliance made easy" below to Sign Up for rapid! PayCard's Free Compliance Map.

Click on the images below to download a PDF

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